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trip advice please

robq7653robq7653 Posts: 17
edited May 2013 in Holidays
hello everyone, i'm new here just signed up. im rob from paignton down in devon and building myself up as a rider quite well in recent months and looking to go on a mountain bike holiday for a long weekend somewhere but dont know where to begin. would like some trails with epic views and riding in thats not going to break the bank, £6-700 roughly?
next is the steed, mine being a giant anthem x4 with a lot of upgrades except shocks basically would this be capable? not had any issues yet ride haldon every week, dartmoor trails and afan a few times. obviously this is a different scale i know. and what sort of kit is recommended to take ie spares etc?
looking at getting it booked up in the next month or so, any help much appreciated


  • rideibizarideibiza Posts: 7
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