Relaxed/ sportive Geometry

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I've currently got 2 bikes which are classed as having a race/aggressive geometry. I've found, on rides lasting more than a couple of hours, I'm getting sore neck, shoulders and (sometimes) lower back. So I'm looking for any recommendations on a bike with a relaxed/sportive geometry.
Budget £1000-£1200 and would like something with Campagnolo components (most likely Veloce at this price range).

My initial ideas were:
Ribble Sportive 7046 with Full Veloce and Fulcrum Racing 5 wheel set, comes in at about a grand. Haven't been able to find any reviews on it, so I'm unsure.
Bianchi Via Nirone Veloce 2013. £1000, I just cant decide whether I could live with Celeste (apologies to Celeste fans). Other than that, looks very appealing.
Bianchi Impluso Veloce 2013..same as above.

Anyone willing to correct/reassure me on my uncertainty of the Celeste colour, please do :D

Any others to consider? Seems all the other major brands seem to favour Shimano. The only other likely candidate I've seen is a Wilier Izoard XP Veloce, but that is over budget and I'm not sure of how aggressive the geometry is.


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    Not sure how the geometry compares to the Bianchis on your list but I have a Bianchi Infinito and have spent 6-7 hours in the saddle with no issues. It's the most comfortable bike I've owned, like you I struggled with the more aggressive geometry of my previous bike.
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    For clarity - that's 6-7 hours at a time, not in total
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    Save yourself some cash and consider this option. ... vi-content

    The Forme Longcliffe 2.0 would fit the bill for relaxed geometry and you're getting a virtually new bike at knock down price.

    Reason for my suggestion is that I have just completed a bike build using the Longcliffe 2 frame (sourced from Paul Milnes Cycles also). This was supposed to be my winter bike but after only riding it for about 50 miles I have been impressed to the extent that I am considering keeping it as an all year bike and selling off my Trek Madone 5.9.

    TBH the Trek is specced way over my abilities as a rider anyway. Hopefully someone else will be able to do it justice in the future.

    BTW I have no connection to Paul Milnes Cycles other than being a satisfied customer
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    Check out the new 2013 Forme models - they've moved over to Campag on the majority of them.
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    Bianchi, Bianchi, Bianchi.

    VIa Nirone 7 in celeste - by any chance the Squadra edition. Otherwise you're looking at the black Tiagra version. Nice but not as nice as last year's version with white highlights.

    The celeste gives you stand out from all the black and white, red and white and the stealth crowd. But, whilst I love my Bianchi they look best when the celeste is toned down and appears as touches of colour. However, they are by far the best looking steeds out there at the price.

    Love my bike, regular long distances with no major aches or pains. Go on, you'll look good on celeste. You can always tone it down with Bianchi apparel in black and white.
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