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Hey guys, I'm a Halfords bike mechanic. First of all, please guide me to the appropriate thread because this is my first post on BR. Thanks.

I'm just in the process of fixing up a previous bike with new components to sell. The bike in question is a Coyote Big Sur. There are basically 2 versions of this bike, the other being the Route 66, but the components are much cheaper on the Route 66.

The Big Sur has the following (NOTE: I am making RED all the upgrades currently being added in brackets.)

FRAME: Lightweight alloy tubing, road geometry, mudguard clearance.
FORK: 700C Hi-tensile fork, with mudguard clearance.
GEARS: Shimano RD-2200 16 speed gears (Shimano Tiagra RD-4500) with Shimano STI dual control levers and a Shimano 11/23 cassette freewheel.
CHAINSET: Prowheel Double chainset, with alloy cranks and a cartridge BB set. (Shimano Tiagra 4650 compact chainset 50/34 170mm with Tiagra 4600 Bottom Bracket and KMC X8 99 Chain)
WHEELS: Viking 700C double wall 36 hole alloy rims with CNC sides, alloy quick release front hub and black spokes.
TYRES: 700C all black road tyres. (Red Schwalbe Luganos)
BRAKES: Alloy side pull with Shimano alloy levers (Tektro R358 Duel pivot)
STEERING: Promax road handlebar with Alloy ahead stem. (PZ Racing CR2.3 Handlebars)
SADDLE: Coyote road saddle with micro adjust alloy seat post.
FEATURES: Black cork handlebar tape. (Red Easton tape with gel underlayer)

I'm cleaning every part and I'm going to offer 1 free 6-week service because I am also replacing all cabling (inner and outer) to insure it's perfectly running. Also including the twin front superbright lights and Basta T-race rear light for free.
I am selling it with upgrades..would this setup be a attractive setup to sell the bike and for what price?

Thanks for reading guys.


  • I dont really think the frame is worth upgrading, if i was you id try and get a better frame maybe second hand, but you've gotta work with what you can afford
  • I'm not upgrading the frame Jake, just the groupset that currently comes with the original bike. All upgrades I am doing are in red. :)
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    I think what Jake means is that those upgrades are not worth putting on that frame.

    Sure it will shift better and so on. But you'll still have that rubbish frame. Since you're replacing most of the parts you should probably just sell the bike as it is and use the cash to start a new build.
  • Ahhh I misunderstood. Re-reading what he put, it makes sense, sorry Jake.

    Of course the frame is not that great, it's still lighter then most and it's quite strong. Most components on bikes make up the price in the end. Since what most look for is good reliable parts and a good maintenance history if looking for 2nd hand, I was confident Tiagra would be the way forward. I'm actually selling this due to buying a Cube Agree GTC.

    I already have the parts, it's at my work in pieces ready for assembly tomorrow as I cleaned it all today. I just fancied knowing if this particular setup would make it easier to sell to those who know their bikes and want a cheap bike that's been babysitted and cared for, with proper racing parts.

    Thanks for the input pal.
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    I'll be honest, I think anyone who is smart enough to be on the lookout for Tiagra kit would be wanting the STI's to be Tiagra (and in particular, the 2012 10 speed) so unless you are doing those then I wouldn't bother.

    Also, and it's just personal preference, coloured tyres are a bit naff (unless they've Vittoria Pave!) - I'd use black bar tape and tyres.
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  • I was looking for the STI levers, but they are pretty expensive for a bike I'm planning to sell. I thought with a few upgraded components, at least it's not running the equivalent of a kids bike setup. This is with the red tape and tyres.
    And coloured tyres are naff? Have you heard of Schwalbe Ultremo ZX's?
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    And coloured tyres are naff? Have you heard of Schwalbe Ultremo ZX's?

    Yep, and they come in black ;) The Vitoria Paves ONLY come in black and green and they are such good tyres that they're forgive for it :mrgreen:

    Again, unless you are getting these parts free there is just no way you will make your money back on the sale of the bike, not a chance in hell. There's a reason most people break their bikes down and sell them as bits - you get more money for them that way but hey, it's your time and money...
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    i have Schwalbe Ultremo ZX's with red strips look on my ribble :wink:
  • Me too Joe, I have them on my Cube.

    The bike I'm selling now has a 8-speed SRAM cassette. It's a mix and match now, but these are way better then "alloy cranks" or "prowheel" cheap nasty components. Plus is changes the look of the bike completely to silver from black.

    And Nawty, it's been offered £200 for it. Since it was worth £50 before and I spent about £60 on parts, as well as a proper deep clean ( I'd say I'd be making quite a bit back :)