first club run done!

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went along today for my first club run, slightly nervous and apprehensive, was made more than welcome, and wasnt waiting at the start point for long before about 12 of us started off,

it was a pleasure to ride and the pace was great i didnt feel i was slowing others down, on the flats atleast! just before mid ride stop i started to drop back because we climbing what felt like everest to me, the others climbed i gave all i could but had to dismount and walk for 10mins or so to make the top, my legs just had no energy to get me up the hill even in my smallest gear which felt like my hardest lol

quick break then we headed back, alot more down hill this part i loved lol, rolling hills which i managed ok, and flat sections i kept the pace all the way back to home base,

i came unstuck a cpl of times where i fell over clipped in, that was due to being knackered and not having my weight shifted correctly lol thankfully tho only a cpl others saw it happen lol

another cool thing that in the group i was with was also stephen cummings, which was awesome to have my first club run with a pro

anyway rant over, i enjoyed it massively and cant wait for the next!

did originally post in general, but im knackered and wasnt paying attention, was meant to be in here from the start lol


  • Davdandy
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    Well done mate. :)

    I am doing my first club run tomorrow and just like you am apprehensive that i don't make a fool of myself or slow them down too much.
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    Well done,sounds an awesome day and you enjoyed which is the most important thing.Cracking average as well.
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    I had my 1st club run today as well, cracking day for it up here & was also a bit nervy but it went well. Helps that the club has a intro run which was at a fairly manageable pace. Enjoyed it, just need to get used to the riding at close quarters thing, after being out on my own all the time it requires some concentration.

    Its good to meet people who are as obsessed with cycling as me :-)
  • First ride with a club is always memorable for some reason, whether its because you got dropped and bonked or you just had a marvelous experience
  • Davdandy
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    I hope i get a bonk on my first ride today. :mrgreen:
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    Davdandy wrote:
    I hope i get a bonk on my first ride today. :mrgreen:

    Haha ask for big Lil in skem, she'll see yu right.

    How was the first ride, what club was it. Couldnt hav easked for better weather for first go
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