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Just thought I'd share my experience of today. Earlier in the year I picked myself up a venerable bargain of a bike: Trek 1.1 2013 which suffice to say I absolutely love. Been riding it as much as I can, but with recent improvement in weather I've been out a bit more. Started off with toe clips/straps that came, but this week changed pedals over to clipless: Exustar E-PR101PP if anyone's interested from my limited experience are great for £23 only. What a difference! Felt so much more efficient than I could have imagined. Last night did 22 miles around Norfolk Broads and felt like I could go on forever. So this morning I set off thinking I'd try to do 30 in the beautiful sunshine. I ended up doing 40 miles in total from sheer love of being on the bike. I absolutely loved it - the freedom, the scenery, the speed and the friendly hellos from numerous others who were clearly making the most of the sun. It was tough towards the end, but felt like an achievement for an inexperienced cyclist like myself. Next aim is 50 miles next weekend. Was wondering whether I could do the Norwich 100 on 1st June, but after today I think it is definitely possible with consistent increases in mileage over the next few weeks.


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    Excellent... Thanks for sharing
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    I also have a Trek 1.1 and love it. Did my first sportive on it today and it was my furthest distance, 50kms.
    Well done mate, keep it up.
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    Nice one,well done.Your enthusiam shines through and reminds me of my own.
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    My pedals are Keo Easy and they are just perfect for me.
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    Glad your enjoying it even with the wind. It's meant to drop off a bit this weekend so you may find it even more enjoyable. Fingers crossed you always remember to unclip when stopping, unlike me on my first clipless outing :oops:
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    Sounds like my first experiance riding clipless, I love them and will never use anything else. And I love your enthusiasm :)