Cassette/Freehub wobble??

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Just finished my "winter" build project and was doing the final adjustments to the gears when I noticed a potentially worrying phenomenon.

While setting the limit screws I was looking down on the cassette while I turned the pedals by hand. Everything seemed fine while the cranks were turning but when I stopped and left the rear wheel to freewheel, I noticed the the cassette had developed a distinct wobble. It seemed to be yawing by about 1-2mm. Once I started turning the cranks the wobble stopped (or so it seemed)

The rear wheel itself was spinning true so it looked as if the freehub or cassette was loose. I took the wheel off and checked the cassette lock ring but it was solid.

Is it possible that the freehub is not attached securely? Any other reason for this wobble and is it a serious problem?

BTW I bought the wheels 2nd hand from the classifieds on here. They are DT Swiss 2.0 with Alex 2.0 hubs and came with a 12-28 Tiagra cassette already attached.. The wheels were sold as being brand new - having been removed from a Spesh Tarmac Sport as part of an upgrading exercise


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    if you take the cassette off and spin the wheel is the freehub showing any wobble?

    unlike most shimano 10-speed cassettes, tiagra 10-speed doesn't use the usual 1mm washer between it and freehub, so for the cassette itself, unless it's been damaged or wrongly assembled, it's hard to see what else could cause it to wobble
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