Breakthrough - think my muscles are creaking back into life!

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Started cycling to work in Feb and cycling properly in March when I got my "proper" bike. Been adding 5 miles a week to my weekend rides. Did 35 miles this morning and it was by far the easiest ride I've done, despite being the longest! AND, cycling to work this week felt like no work at all (it's only 4 miles each way) for the first time.

I think my muscles/fitness might be just starting to respond to the exercise. :D

Another breakthrough - managed to stuff down enough calories when I got home from this morning's ride that I haven't bonked and laid on the couch feeling like I need to sleep (did 30 miles on Monday, then flopped for 4 hours before dragging the husband to the pub because I had a craving for a burger).

Loving it!!

And got a nod and a "morning!" from 2 proper lycra-clad roadies that I saw. :D (I'm a non-lycra hybrider)


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    Very well done, now ride with a buddy and you'll crack 50 within a couple of rides.
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    I'd need a slow buddy - I only average 13-14mph. :(

    Am rewarding my progress with a custom O/S map. :D My cycling area is on an annoying junction of their standard maps, so I have to carry two or three of them. Creating one that covers the area perfectly.
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    That's my speed!
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    Nothing wrong with a 13-14mph ave....Most of the beginners in our club average about 9-10 for the first few weeks!!

    Well done PTPot...your on the right road.
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    And, in my defence, my bike has added weight from front suspension (locked out on road) and I use flat pedals. And I pedal with the middle of my foot, not my toes, like a five year old. :oops:

    Just checked the logs though and my average speed on today's 35 mile was faster than on my previous 25 and 30 mile rides. :D

    Not really working on speed as I have to ramp up distance quickly to hit 60 miles by 19th May. Hoping to do that in five hours. :)
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    Don't confuse bonking with just feeling tired.

    Bonking is the cycling equivalent of the Wall that marathon runners face after about 20 miles. It's the point where the body runs out of blood glycogen and has to start burning fat instead, this is less efficient and so your body just decides to stop working. It will take rides of 70 miles plus without eating or drinking anything to bonk most likely.

    Anyway, asides from that - good work and really, your average speed is great :D
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    pinkteapot wrote:
    And, in my defence, my bike has added weight from front suspension (locked out on road)

    I'd leave it un locked out unless you are on a big hill and standing in the pedals.

    I often ride my (full sus) mountain bikes to and from the trails on the road. And with the state of many British roads I find the suspension very helpful!

    It might be marginally less efficient in theory, but when you take into account the benefit of not being bashed around so much i'd use it (especially as you are paying the weight penalty anyway)