Spring Lambs sportive prep

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Hi all,
I haven't posted much at all on here so excuse if this is in the wrong section, but I'm doing the Essex Roads Spring Lambs sportive tomorrow for 150k and just wondering if you guys have a "ritual" so to speak for prepping for these things?

This will be my first sportive and longest ride but today I'm going to be checking the gears, saddle height etc and I got a saddle bag this week to carry the essentails. So is there anything else I really need to be doing? Would it be a good idea to go for a shortish ride today?
Also, do people tend to go round in groups or is it more of a solo effort?

Thanks in advance!


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    I'm doing the Spring Lambs as well. This' ll be fourth year in a row. It's a rolling course with the only real hill at about 80 miles. It's a good idea to try and get in a group with a few people riding at a similar pace and share being on the front as there's likely to be strong headwinds at various places, having said that if you're not used to riding in groups i wouldn't get too close to the wheel in front. As for prep, if you're going to alter things like saddle height today then I'd hop on the bike just for a couple of miles to check everything's OK. You won't want to be stopping a few miles into a sportive to adjust your saddle or gears unless absolutely neccessary. Apart from that just get everything ready tonight, I put dry powder in my drink bottles and add the water in the morning. The main thing is not to think because it's your first event it's going to be anything daunting, there'll be people quicker than you, there'll be people slower than you but no ones looking at anyone else they're just having a bike ride the same as you.
  • Thanks dude. I am just going to have a good time and see what i can do. I'm pretty confident riding in groups and enjoy it more when I am. Hoping it's going to be a blast.
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