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Allez Vs Defy GroupSet.

HaughjdHaughjd Posts: 93
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I'm currently ridding a Specialized Sirus hybrid bike, but looking now to get a more road focused bike. I've Thinking to spend around £700-800. A quick browse about and two popular contenders jump out namely

Specialized Allez Sport
Giant Defy 2

Both about the same price so which should I consider.

The obvious difference from what I can see is with the group-set the Allez Sport comes with Sora but the Defy has the Tiagra I think but don't know but is that quite an upgrade. To get the same on the Allez you'd have to go for the Allez Elite and that's more cash.

So on paper the Defy looks more bike. How can they do this did they cut a few corners?

What do you think.

Thanks for reading



  • Camcycle1974Camcycle1974 Posts: 1,356
    No they didn't cut corners. They (Giant) make 6 million bikes a year so they probably get quite a good deal from Shimano! All bikes at this price have to compromise somewhere and it is generally on wheels and finishing kit. The frame is sound on both bikes and Sora/Tiagra are both fine.

    It (the Defy) is more bike (in my opinion) than the Allez, the Tiagra will be lighter and shift a bit more smoothly but you are unlikely to notice that too much. What you will notice is the frame which, with the Aluxx on the Defy you are getting a top notch alloy frame. if you are able it might be worth trading up to the Defy 1 which gets some significant upgrades over the 2. My local shop does the 1 for £899. PM if you want more details.
  • HaughjdHaughjd Posts: 93
    Thanks for the very interesting and useful advice.

    Cheers. Jon
  • Camcycle1974Camcycle1974 Posts: 1,356
    No worries. Just bought a Defy 0 so have done a fair bit of research recently. the bloke I bought it from knows a lot about Giant bikes as he has been selling them for years.
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