London to Cambridge routes?

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riding to Newmarket tomorrow - anyone know any good routes (preferably garmin/ map my ride traces). Got this from RidewithGPS not sure if it' any good though:


oh. starting in london.


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    Route looks great, pretty much how I would do it. Some of the proper small lanes are pretty impassable out there, despite being on the map, so I try to streetview stuff.

    Around mile 12 there is no need to get off the a104. It's a 40/50 limit, but only one lane in each direction and massively wide
  • Although you do say Newmarket. There are some pretty routes the other side of the M11 as well. Skirting Hatfield Heath, Dunmow, Finchingfield and up that way. Sorry no GPX's, but I was brought up on a farm in the villages west of Bishops Stortford so the route looks good to me.

    You'll be passing the Nag's Head in Little Hadham ....... when I was a lad Abbot Ale straight from the barrel .... mmmmm. Sadly most of this area is now Chav'd up.

    Just North of Bishops Stortford you could branch right and go through Manuden, Clavering type way which is also pretty.