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Help - rescue volunteers needed **URGENT**

pinnopinno Posts: 47,856
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I woz driving in the south of my kingdom visiting the serfs and collecting revenue from their serfdom when I noticed snow on the Isle of Man. Something I have never seen before. Then it struck me - Yellow Peril must be in deep trouble and I am looking for some people to rescue him (and one or two others).

It won't be without reward, we will take food, blankets and fuel and then charge them a fortune for it and at a VAT rate of 75% - seems fair all things considered.
Please contact me if you own or can pilfer:

A boat
Petrol can(s)
Chains (and whips)
The contents of a Yorkshire bakery well stocked with a particular and choice cake of immesurable depth and quality
Anything else useful or saleable
seanoconn - gruagach craic!
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