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I’ve entered an MTB Marathon event, 2013 MTB Marathon Series I’ll be doing the 75K one at Marshbrook in July. Am 41 and not too unfit (mid-life crisis???) lol

Training wise I’ve been trying to get miles in on the MTB (weather/snow permitting) along with some gym and cardio training while not getting out on the bike, only so I don’t make myself look a total prat on the bike in front of my mates.

I’ve managed to increase the weights on the gym and the distance on the cross trainer since the beginning of the year.
Last year I was doing 15-20XC miles and riding local trail centre, so far I’ve been increasing the weekly ride up to 37 the other week, hoping now I can get out after work to throw in a few 20milers through the week and increase the weekend ride to 50miles by end of May

I’m fairly happy I’m training enough for what I’m aiming for but I’m looking for some advice on taking part in such an event….do’s and don’ts, preparation etc…
What sort of things should I have as essentials and things I could do with taking but not essential.

For the 2-4hr rides i’ve been doing of late I usually have a small 2ltr hydropack, that I carry a couple of spare tubes, a multi tool and some sort of food (usually a banana n fruity bar thing).

What would you take with you?


  • _HENDO__HENDO_ Posts: 93
    I'd think about support.
    If someone can provide you with bottles rather than a camelback, that'll save time refilling.
    Water is enough for the first 90 mins or so but perhaps set bottles up with an energy powder for later on. Have any stuff you might need, spare wheels, spare shirt or gloves should you fall off into mud? all layer out ready to pick up and go.

    Bananas flapjack or similar will help during the later stages with some 'wholer' food rather than processed stuff.

    As your doing longer rides, start to experiment if you wish to use products as it's better to try & not like it on a training ride than in the race itself!

    Finally don't forget to sort your bike out week before. Thoroughly clean and re lube, check for wear on parts (chainring etc.) making sure it's ready to rock. And just do light workouts leading up to the race.

    Hope that helps. If you need any more assistance or training plans in the future send me a pm and I'd be happy to help.
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  • iDadiDad Posts: 68
    Cheers Hendo
  • danlikesbikesdanlikesbikes Posts: 3,898
    TBH looks like your on top of your training so very little that anyone could add. Apart from perhaps try to get one or two longer rides in near the date. If you pace yourself & fuel yourself well the distance is easily attainable & if the weather is kind you should have a cracking day.

    Personally if it were me I'd stick with the camel bak rather than go with someone give you bottles. Not sure on the course but I find it much easy to drink on the go & also find i get fluid in at a constant rate without having to slow down to take gulps from the bottle. Plus with food, repair kit, rain jacket etc you are having to either carry the pack (without the bladder) if you go with bottles.

    Not sure what size your pack is but can it take a larger say 2.5/3ltr bladder as I can happily ride most days for hours with one and whilst its a bit heavier than carrying 2 500ml bottles I find it much 'simpler' as its full and ready to go.

    As for drinks would try a few options to add to a drink over just plain water but do try them before as you might not get on with a specific brand on the day.

    Food wise a couple of bananas, home made flap jacks, dates, malt loaf, fig rolls take your pick. One last bit of advice I would pack a little something special like jelly babies, jelly beans, haribo etc just in case you need a little treat to get you through any tough time you might be having, Has worked for me in plenty of events and whilst not always needed sometimes a quick sugar boost and the feel good factor can do you a wonder of good.
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
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