Shorts and tights wearing out prematurely

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I've got / had a couple of pairs of bib shorts and tights that have worn very badly in the saddle contact area. E.g. a pair of DHB mid-range shorts where the pad stitching wore through after just a few rides. I sent these back to Wiggle who refunded me. I also have some DHB tights that are wearing quite badly, but are outside of warranty.

Anyway, I thought I'd trade up to a pair of Castelli tights to see how these compared. I've done maybe 200 miles in them so far, and they're super comfortable, BUT I see the fabric is starting to wear badly again in the same place. I did not expect that from (what I thought was) a premium brand. Very disappointing. I'll probably end up getting onto ProBikeKit about getting them refunded or replaced.

By comparison, I have a pair of cheapo Altura shorts with a skinny felt pad. I just use these on the turbo where they've seen plenty of action. However, the fabric shows no sign of wear at all! Same for a pair of Giordana knicks that I used a fair bit last summer. I also have a pair of Lusso bib shorts which I've not used that much yet (we need summer!), but no sign of wear yet.

What is your experience? Do some brands simply use inferior fabrics? Can you recommend reasonably affordable brands that last well, or others that you should stay clear of?
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    Think it sounds like you are making far too many unneccesary movements in the saddle. Perhaps check whether you rock your hips a lot which could mean incorrect bike set up. Shouldnt really be ruining your shorts that quickly at all.

    I have cheapish Biemme winter tights I have used all winter and nothing wrong with them yet.

    Or perhaps there may be some stitching or a tear on your saddle that is aggrevating the shorts?
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    Check your saddle in the same place that the shorts are wearing, you may have a loose thread. Do you use the same bike on the Turbo ? If its a different bike swapped the saddles.
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    A lot of our club gear is from Biemme & its lasted pretty well.

    Sounds stupid but also need to be careful what temp & detergent you use when you wash as I have just chucked them in with normal clothes and it has done not much good to bibs.
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    I would suspect your saddle or seatpack. There could be a rough / hard seam on the saddle or likewise, you are rubbing against some exposed velcro from your seatpack.
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    Monty Dog wrote:
    I would suspect your saddle or seatpack. There could be a rough / hard seam on the saddle or likewise, you are rubbing against some exposed velcro from your seatpack.

    Deffinately check this option out I kept finding my shorts / longs kept getting pulls on the same arse cheek i was convinced something on the saddle was nipping them and it turned out the Velcro on the seat back had exposed itself from under seat and kept sticking to them :oops:
  • Agree with the above, also worth considering mudguards if you don't already have them, road crap is like a grinding paste on your clothes.
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    Well, I put the bike on the turbo and did a check of where the shorts are wearing, and they actually seem to be rubbing on the front of the saddle clamp! Not what I was expecting at all!

    I had a proper bike fit a couple of years ago, but have changed my saddle since then. I see that it is currently about 5mm further back than indicated on the measurements I got from te fitting, so will shift forward and see how that goes. In the mean time, my faith is restored in the quality of my tights and shorts!
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