oops rookie mistake :S

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had to take my wheels off last night to get the bike in the car as i had no lights, anyway i was tired when i got back in done 12miles there then judo lesson and upon putting the wheels back on i forgot to lock the brake locks back in there locked position,

i didnt realise until anther cyclist pulled up along side me and let me know....thankfully no harm done and had only gone 5mins down the road....lesson learned!



  • Cleat Eastwood
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    in cycling terms thats possibly the worse crime ever - dont let it happen again :evil:
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  • in cycling terms thats possibly the worse crime ever - dont let it happen again :evil:

    really pissed off at myself for it :evil: , but it wont happen again
  • 5mins, not 5 miles, plus i wasnt going fast, and they still had a little bit of grip when i pulled them , feel really stupid for it, just glad a lesson wasn't learnt the hard way
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    Try not to beat yourself up about it - I rode home a couple of days ago with my cycling tights the wrong way around - I survived this and have not felt the need (until now ;)) to broadcast my incompetence. Just get over it and don't do it again.
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    My brakes still work okay in the open position, infact on several occasions I've only realised that i'd left it open by looking at it after the ride.
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    Probably different with Shimano but with Campag, all that happens when you put the brakes in open is that the brake lever springs out further. The actual biting point is exactly the same so once you have got past the dead zone, it doesn't actually make any difference whether the brakes are set open or not.
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