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Hi all,

I was wondering if i could borrow some local expertise from the BR collective.

One month from today, some friends and I will be doing the 3 Peaks and riding between them on our Road Bikes in aid of Leukemia & Lymphoma Research. (Don't worry, this isn't a begging letter....)

I am in charge of the route and after alot of time fidding around on various maps and Streetview, i have come up with the following: ... px?id=2245

Sat May 4th to Sat May 11th
Leg One: Snowdon to Abergele (60miles)
Leg Two: Abergele to Garstang (86miles) (via Mersey Ferry,Liverpool & Preston) - Cycle Route 55 into Preston any good?
Leg Three: Garstang to Wasdale Head (82miles) (via Windermere)
Leg Four: Scafell Pike (Walk)
Leg Five: Wasdale Head to Dumfries (93miles) (via Cockermouth & Carlisle)
Leg Six: Dumfries to Balloch (94miles) (via Glasgow) - Best way through Glasgow? Cycle Route 7/Canal towpath rideable?
Leg Seven: Balloch to Fort William (85miles) - I gather this is very busy and a bit of a sod. Not alot of choice though.
Leg Eight: Ben Nevis (Walk)

If any of the route passes through 'your patch', could you advise if said route is rideable on a road bike, safe to use or holds any hazards. The tight-ish schedule is already set accommodation wise, so we can't re-route too far unless the route i have down is really not an option. Indeed, if the route passes by you, feel free to tag along for a leg and keep us company!

Any advice gratefully received.



  • Hi
    Three of us, rode it last June, check

    Good Luck
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    If you want some advice on doing the three peaks challenge, have a read of this:

    You might also bear in mind that it costs charities more to clean up after these 'events' than is raised by them........
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    beaconview - Thanks for the link. Looks like we are going roughly the same way, just a bit more condensed.

    Natrix - While i agree with the sentiment made in the link, it's really up to individuals to be responsible for themselves. Our 'event' is just 4 blokes on bikes that we have organised ourselves. We are being joined for the walks by friends of one of the group as guides who are experienced mountain walkers. If it co-incides with any mass event like one the 24h ones, it is merely a coincidence (and will be disappointing, no doubt) I have no stain on my conscience for wanting to walk up and down these mountains that i never have (bar Snowdon) and probably never will again.

    From my experience of Snowdon on a weekday, the footfall was still significant. The Cafe at the summit was as busy as any in a town... It is what it is because of its notable height. If it spoils it for you/anyone, simply pick another of the surrounding brilliant climbs.