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Bedgebury Insomnia 2013!

coppiridercoppirider Posts: 39
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Taking place during the night of the 6th and 7th July 2013, Insomnia has become a key event for mountain bikers across the south-east.  Featuring a mix of singletrack and forest road, Insomnia allows entrants to experience the thrills and challenges of cycling through Bedgebury Forest at night.  Both individuals and teams are welcome, and we attract riders of all abilities. 
Now in its fourth year, Insomnia has always supported a charity, and for 2013 we are partnering with the Alzheimer’s Society.  Entrants are encouraged to raise as much as possible for the charity, and all our marshals and event staff donate their time free of charge.
We believe it is a fun challenge, both exciting for participants and in aid of a good cause. It appeals to all mountain bikers from competitive racers to recreational riders. Anyone over the age of 18 equipped with a bike with knobbly tyres, a good light and the energy to pedal around the course may take part.
Further details are also available online at
What you give is what you get


  • So who's entered so far, and who's thinking about it?
    What you give is what you get
  • Motley13Motley13 Posts: 89
    Been talking tomy best mate and we are both tempted by this now. Never done anything like it before soo would be a totally new things for us. Just need to work out if we are going to go ahead and do it or not
  • coppiridercoppirider Posts: 39
    Hi Motley,
    What kind of things do you do mostly?
    If you've never done a night race before then all I can say is then that you have missed out. There is something different about a 12hr or 24hr race to a race during the day, its mainly the camaraderie that is apparent, the feeling that you have done something really special!
    There is nothing better than toiling away for lap after lap in the dark, that almost claustrophobic feeling of the dark pressing around you, and then just as you are feeling really tired and just about had enough.....there is a glimmer in the sky as dawn breaks and its an amazing feeling!!
    I can't recommend it highly enough, this will be my third time of doing this particular race and both times I have ridden as part of a team, but this time, solo..........can't wait!!
    What you give is what you get
  • Motley13Motley13 Posts: 89
    Never done a race before so it would be a first. Mostly ride the local trails and river paths around here, Kent does suck abit for mountain biking. I can understand what you mean about riding at night, its one of my loves when it comes to riding. Find it so much more peaceful and fun when your out at night. Struggling to get the weekend off work at the moment so i may not be even able to make it :cry: should find out sunday if i can do it or not just got to wait and see :|
  • Motley13Motley13 Posts: 89
    Well i did manage to get the time off from work in the end and me and my friend have signed up for this. really cant wait for it now, just over a month to go :D Anyone else here doing it at all??
  • coppiridercoppirider Posts: 39
    That's brilliant!

    See you there on the 6th!
    What you give is what you get
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