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LeJog this Saturday

thegodplatothegodplato Posts: 319
edited April 2013 in Tour & expedition
Now I'm getting scared. Travel down to Lands End on Friday to start cycling back up. About 960miles in 8 days. Hope the training will pay off!
Planning on taking with me some Soreen, got plenty of Jelly Beans and Gels, Protein bars. Drinks wise, I'm enjoying the Accelerade stuff bith for during the ride and afterwards ( R4 is it? ). My mate is is riding with me laughs at the Lemon & Lime drink I take during the ride as it looks like old school lime milkshake ( showing my age here! ).
You can follow us, hopefully, on here

And, as we raised 50% of our target ( ) I agreed to have my legs waxed before we set off. Can't see it making me cycle better but I'm betting its going to hurt a tad!! Brother in law has promised to double his donation if I have my back, sack and crack done! Not a chance!!

Just hoping the weather starts to get a bit warmer too and no more snow!
2012 Bianchi Via Nirone Xenon

960 miles in 8 days starting 6th April 2013


  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    Best of luck! I cycle across the Severn Bridge most days and often see LeJogers and JogLers. Must try it myself some day. Weathers looking up (if the wind dies down a bit). :-)
  • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
    Good luck - did it in 2011 and think I enjoyed it at the time but certainly did in retrospect!! Big mileages you've got planned there so try to enjoy the ride as much as the achievement.
  • thegodplatothegodplato Posts: 319
    Well, we did it. We finished at around 7pm on Satyrday night ( 13th ). Has been a rolllercoaster of a ride. With some re-mapping early on, our route ended up being 920miles in the 8 days with day 7 being 142!!! It nearly killed me. You can read about it here - although I haven't managed Day 8 just yet!
    2012 Bianchi Via Nirone Xenon

    960 miles in 8 days starting 6th April 2013
  • southdownswolfsouthdownswolf Posts: 1,514
    Congratulations!! Great riding, sounds as though it was very emotional.
  • SkeetsSkeets Posts: 81
    Well done guys ! It's something to remember for your life , whatever you do from now on . I done it solo in June 2012 after my dad died of asbestosis . Solo trip , he was with me all the way through rain / winds for 6 days . My total was 916miles , last day 176 miles , finished at 10 pm ( said ill do it in 6, and 6 I did it in ! ) don't think I would have pushed myself that hard on the last day if it wasn't for my memory of him . Now it's time for another challenge , same for you too ? Well done again , all the best .
  • thegodplatothegodplato Posts: 319
    Crikey 6 days, you must be strong willed and strong physically!! Big Kudos to you for that achievement.

    I'm still chuffed though at what we did as I have only been back in cycling a year - got my Bianchi last April so what a way to round off an incredible year!!

    We are booked to do the Bowland Badass in July which I'm having second thoughts about. 167miles with 18,500ft of climbing.

    2012 Bianchi Via Nirone Xenon

    960 miles in 8 days starting 6th April 2013
  • SkeetsSkeets Posts: 81
    Bowland badass eh , thats some training for that one!! . I have a mad liking for the hills so im off for a ride up the mont ventoux in june before the TDF. seams easy compared to the badass . ! im sure after the fear comes the adrenaline , you'll do it . :D
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