Garmin Edge mount for Most Talon integrated handlebars

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Hi, I'm searching for months and months now, but didn't find a good solution for this issue. This forum is my last hope! I have a Most Talon integrated (compact) handlebar, with oversized (a little flat) measures. This means that a K-edge or Barfly garmin computer mount won't fit for my Edge 810. The handlebars have 2 bolt holes at the bottom, meant for a Most computer holder (extender). BUT: these extenders aren't for sale anymore AND from what I understood, these aren't compatible with a garmin Edge computer (too heavy?). So... Does anyone can help me out? I saw that ZIPP has a new integrated handlebar, with a accompanying garmin mount. But is this for sale seperately and will it fit on the Most talon?

Pfff, really hope someone can give me a good piece of advice here. I would reallly appreciate it.


  • Sorry no real solution, but as a last resort if you have no joy finding somthing that will do, you could always make your own extender!!! There are so many videos out there of people making their own carbon bikes, so why not make a carbon mount, you can strengthen it, so will take the weight.

    Just a thought, sorry if not a good idea,
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    Jackflash27 - have you identified a solution yet? Courtesy of my extremely friendly LBS I now face the same question. I have seen the PRO Stealth Evo bracket on Wiggle, but can't find the dimensions of the spacing for the holes on the bracket to check if they stand a chance of fitting...