110km race in six weeks

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    A first race , and then again a first road race of 110kms?!?
    Well, I think you might have a hard day of it (to put it politely) if everyone else are hardened categorized racing guys.
    Personally, I would have recommended doing something like closed circuit crits of about 40 to 60 minutes duration just to get used to racing in close quarters to start with...
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    Are you sure it is a race?

    Sportive perhaps?
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    Navrig wrote:
    Are you sure it is a race?

    Sportive perhaps?

    I have to admit, this was my first thought as well
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    Navrig wrote:
    Are you sure it is a race?

    Sportive perhaps?

    Is there a difference?
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    He's in Thailand. Probably allowed to call it a race even if it isn't really.
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    If it's your first ever race, just aim to finish it! And considering how long it is, that would be impressive in itself to most normal people!
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    I expect it's a sportive - a 110k 'beginners' race wouldn't have many finishers
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