Bike Hire in Roubaix

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Hi Guys
I'm going to France for the tour and I won't be bringing my own bike (really expensive for the land of Aus) anyway I have bike hire sorted for while I'm at the tour but I'm going to go on a little pilgrimage up to Roubaix afterwards and would really like to do a lap of the velodrome can anyone tell me where i can hire a bike in Roubaix so I can arrange before hand

Cheers Steve


  • laurentian
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    You can hire one at the velodrome by the looks of it: ... es-tarifs/

    2 hours, carbon bike, 10 Euro - looks good value that! Not sure what the licence/non licence bit is all about??
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  • Monty Dog
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    The bike hire is for the new indoor velodrome, not the outdoor track next door. License probably refers to those accredited to use the track - similar arrangement exist at most indoor velodromes.
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