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Spesh Hardrock front cones

drewk1drewk1 Posts: 61
edited April 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a Specialized Hardrock sport disc 2009

The front cones are pitted and need replacing.
I'm trying to find a suitable replacement.
The old cones are Ø15.0 mm x 12.6mm long with an internal M9 x 1.0 thread.

Would I be correct in thinking that any cone with the same dimensions would be suitable, assuming the radius for the balls is the same?

The nearest I can find is a CN-R083 which I think would be a suitable replacement.
Am I thinking right or can anyone point me to a supplier of a suitable cone.
Nearest decent LBS is 20 miles away so an online source preferred.


Spesh Hardrock Sport Disc 2009
Focus Cayo 2.0
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