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New Triban 3 owner

Ron BonesRon Bones Posts: 23
edited April 2013 in Road buying advice
Hey all, I just picked up a Triban 3 off Gumtree yesterday, the red one which is sold out at Decathlon.

I'm loving it, its my first road bike and the plan is to get fit and get back in to trails and to commute to work which is about 12 miles each way and which I used to do on a mountain bike but am incapable of now after a year out of the saddle.

Anyway, just a question about Decathlon really rather than the bike. I bought it second hand and I dont know how old it is, have no reciepts etc. Its in reasonable nick and rides well. I just wonder, if I took it into Decathlon would they touch it without a receipt. Not that I need anything looking at right now but I've read about Hub replacements on the Triban 3 and a couple of other warranty issues and just wanted to check.


  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    No warranty on most second hand bikes.
  • Ron BonesRon Bones Posts: 23
    No I assumed not as I don't even know how old it is. Just wondered if anyone knew if, were I to take it to decathlon whether they'd even want proof of purchase purely because its their bike? Some shops are pretty good like that others are more by the book. I expect the latter but sometimes places surprise you.
  • goffskigoffski Posts: 72
    They replaced the back wheel on my Triban 5 without asking to see a receipt. I told them it was 6 moths old (which it was) so they did the free 6 month service as well while they were at it.
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