first milestone hit - 1st 100miles in the bag

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got my first road bike a week and a half ago, and with todays ride ive hit my first goal 100miles in the bag! :D:D:D

im sat here now typing this, and i can feel the effort in my legs right now, its great, but rest until wednesday and back out again, i cant wait!

anyway im a happy chappy right now - follow if you wish aswell


  • elderone
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    Nice one matey,thats good going for your first week..kudos
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  • Gizmodo
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    I was a little confused when I saw this, I though (my bad) you had done your first 100 mile ride after having the bike for only a week - I was going to say "flipping heck, that really is some going".

    Then I looked at your Strava data and finally worked it out (yes it took me a while but it is early) that you meant you have passed the 100 mile mark in total, having completed 7 rides, the longest of which is 29.3 miles.

    Either way, well done - especially in this weather! Enjoy it, it is an addictive and highly enjoyable expensive hobby.
  • chrisaonabike
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    Nice one. Look forward to hearing about your first thousand. :)
    Is the gorilla tired yet?
  • Anonymous
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    Well done :-) Glad you are enjoying the bike.
    What's the next goal?
  • Whufcrule
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    Well done mate that's some going I done a 50 was gearing towards a 100 then my knee decided to let me down and can't seem to get past 20 now so frustrating well done mate
  • Carbonator wrote:
    Well done :-) Glad you are enjoying the bike.
    What's the next goal?

    50mile ride
    get better at hills lol
  • Anonymous
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    Make sure your saddle is a good fit for you and you'll get there ;-)

    I quite enjoy hills now. I used to hate and even avoid them, but now they are a challenge.
    Bit like running. Not as much fun (whilst actually doing) as cycling on flat roads, but a lot more rewarding once you have done it ;-)