Specialised Sectuer 2009 - Any good?

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Hi, I have no idea what so ever about road bikes.
I'm looking at buying a specialised sectuer 2009 bike, it's brand new/unused, front wheel hasn't been put on yet.
It's also 20" frame.
Is this a good bike? Is £350 good value?
Thanks so much.


  • carrock
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    Certainly better than a halfords bargain basement. It is an endurance road bike with an aluminium frame. Not great value new. Road bike frames are measured in cm not inches which suggests that the seller knows little about the bike. I would only buy if the original receipt or proof of purchase is available. What model of secteur is it? If it is a base model they were only about £500 new so wouldn't pay £350 for one. The top of the range secteur s were about £1000 new so £350 would be a fair price. A 4 year old bike is never worth more than half what it cost new in my experience
  • I have a 2011 Sectuer and I love it - great bikes ... BUT ... I find it hard to believe this bike is unused as its 4 years old - who is claiming its unused and why was it never used? Do you know them and that this is true? Where was it stored for 4 years and why? The fact there is an unfitted front wheel means nothing.
  • roypsb
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    Good advice from carrock. Very comfortable bike. Might be worth £350 if it's the Elite model.
  • carrock
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    reviews of elite here

    http://www.evanscycles.com/products/spe ... RRWidgetID

    and comp here

    http://www.evanscycles.com/products/spe ... 48#reviews

    Comp is top of the range with carbon seatstays and 105 group

    Elite has 105 group also, but aluminium seatstays

    Either of these 2 variants would be worth considering at £350 if VGC

    I wouldn't bother with the lesser variants to be honest.