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Hi all,

I'm thinking about purchasing a new road bike

I've never had one before and intend to use it to occasionally drive to work. I've been told i should get a 'fixie' - and I really like the curve handlebars. I'm not really into fancy colours and stickers so i'm just after a plain colour, just really basic basically. I'm looking to spend about £500 on it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot



  • I hate the term 'fixie'... :lol:

    Fixed gear bikes are good. They are always said to be very low maintenance (though you need to get right what you do have to do: chain tension, etc), but unless you either live somewhere pan flat and don't intend to venture out, or have very good legs, they can be limiting. I would not want my only bike to be a fixed gear.

    As for what you should get, to be perfectly honest (though I do not like the fact that nice old bikes are so often considered no better than for this purpose) I think the best option is to put one together with a nice old steel racing frame, but I appreciate that this isn't the best choice in your case.

    Probably the most common choice for the sort of cyclists that hang around here is the Specialized Langster: ... e-ec042293

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    Welcome :D

    Have a look at... ... eLowToHigh

    quite a few sub 500 bikes
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
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    Thanks both,

    Really like the Specialized Langster!

    This is why i love forums - quick and really helpful advice.

    Thanks again