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The Sunday Times (again) bright lights !

Team4LukeTeam4Luke Posts: 597
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If already topiced, put up a link.

Seems the Times are campaigning against all our super blinding lights and the fact they exceed X amounts of lumens, might even be going to the government.

Assume they will pass legislation to dim the driving lights (drl's) and xenons lights that well blind everyone.
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  • slowfenslowfen Posts: 312
    Frankly as a cyclist and driver, the majority of modern super bright lights are over kill.

    The have completely the wrong beam shape, are used in a way that can and does interfere with other road users (personally I have had to slow done on both the bike and car as my night vision was wiped out)

    As they now are as powerful as car lights, ( which are limited in power and beam shape by law) bike lights should also have similar limits.

    Proper beam shape is already done by B&M, and fenix

    Do I have a super bright light? yes a cree based one, adapted to have a fresnal lens, and used on low/mid power for extended run.
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  • MattC59MattC59 Posts: 5,433
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