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Beginner struggle - Mountain bike size

OnoOno Posts: 30
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Hi there!
I am planning to buy a mountain bike in the next couple of days. I have been looking around for a few weeks and after a few test rides, finally decided to go with the FUJI NEVADA 1.0 2012 (also because it has a 40% discount now).
My problem is that I seem to be between two sizes. I am 6' tall and 33.5'' inseam length. I got contradictory information from two different branches of the shop where I am going to buy it. Two of the guys told me to go for the 21' and another one said that I should go for the 19'. I have tried them both and they feel slightly different but ok (though, to be honest, I don't know very well what to look at when going for a test ride).
A fourth person mentioned that FUJI measurements are slightly smaller than other manufacturers and that, therefore, I should probably go for the bigger one. Their website shows 5cm (obviously, 2 inches') difference in the seat tube length but only 3cm for the effective top tube length and wheelbase.
Any help with this or ideas, comments, etc. are more that welcome! I am going a bit crazy with this and do not even know if this is that important. All I know is that I would like start riding asap (I am quite excited about it!).

PS. Sorry if what I am saying makes no sense or I am leaving something important aside, as I said I am a complete beginner.


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