Feeling a little tad apprehensive

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Hi all,

Purchased my first road bike a few weeks ago and I went out for my first ride today! (Delay due to a little injury picked up at the gym, at least I missed all the snow :) ) I only did about 10 miles but I felt really apprehensive the entire time I was on the road! Is this the sort of thing that will pass with each outing or am I being overly cautious? :oops:


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    Most likely, best just get out there and with time you will feel more at home on it. Can be a bit daunting being on the road with cars whizzing past at first. When you get fitter and faster and more road/bike wise you will be fine.

    Stay safe and enjoy your cycling
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    It's quite normal and it will pass the more riding you do. When you ride on the road for the first time, you feel very vulnerable (because you are), and nervous. After another few rides you will feel more confident.
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    Sounds normal as it can be a tad daunting.This time of year just take it easy and relax on the bike and you will enjoy it more.
    take your time and just enjoy it.
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    Totally agree with the others I was sh!tting myself the very first time I went on the road with my new bike back in November but it will get better.
  • I'm in the same boat. First couple of rides was very scary especially on busy roads, cars don't give a monkeys! My main worry is I had ACL reconstruction 5 months ago and am scared of falling off being clipped in, however, I did manage to get up to 31 mph yesterday! I hold on very tight which is causing sore hands and I've adjusted saddle height but need a shorter stem. I feel more safe with a fellow rider!
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    Thanks guys! 8)

    I am looking forward to getting out, especially now we will be having longer evenings!