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Leaking disc caliper

twinktwink Posts: 30
edited March 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi. Have been gleaning info from forums for some months, but first post.

Have Hope Mono Mini Pros and the front brake got soft fairly quick today and now if you squeeze brake it goes all the way and has no pressure and brake does not work.

Looking further there is fluid (oil) on the underside of the 90degree connector.

Looking at the diagram I can see that would only be the M6 sealing washer ( the 90degree connector bolt is very tight) the bolt or the connector. Though there appears to be oil only on the underside of the connector sos eliminating the actual connector. CRC sell the washers and I believe can change them myself ( can't be hard looking at diagram) but am I looking at the right thing? A simple yes, definitely is best for me but if any of you tech types know of anything else to check, then please let me know. Cheers.


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