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Softest possible spring for 80mm Dart 3

bartimaeusbartimaeus Posts: 1,812
edited March 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
I've just got my 10 year old an XS Rockhopper which has 80mm Dart 3 forks on it at the moment. He only weighs 31kg so he's hardly getting any travel out of them at the moment - maybe 20mm. The forks seem OK I can pump them and get much more, so I think the main issue is that the spring is too stiff. I'm not sure what spring it has exactly as it does not seem to be colour coded (I'll have a better look tomorrow), but is it possible to get a really soft spring for the Darts?

At some point I'll look to get him some air forks but a really soft spring would be a step in the right direction.
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