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PTP - Scheldeprijs

rozzer32rozzer32 Posts: 3,561
edited April 2013 in Pro race
Race on Wednesday.


Route and profile:

Past Winners:

2012 - Kittel
2011 - Cavendish
2010 - Farrar
2009 - Petacchi
2008 - Cavendish

***** Pro Tour Pundit Champion 2020, 2018, 2017 & 2011 *****


  • milton50milton50 Posts: 3,856
    Cavendish, please.
  • DeadCalmDeadCalm Posts: 3,760
    Cavendish please.
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  • Cav as well please.
  • ContrelaMontreContrelaMontre Posts: 3,027

    Rule No.10 // It never gets easier, you just go faster
  • Cav, cheers.
  • thomthomthomthom Posts: 3,574
    Cav, thanks.
  • mididoctorsmididoctors Posts: 10,448
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  • above_the_cowsabove_the_cows Posts: 11,318
    Oh go on. Cavendish please Rozzer.
    Correlation is not causation.
  • tforondatforonda Posts: 1,193
    Mark Cavendish please
  • Mad_MalxMad_Malx Posts: 4,371
    I'll be original and go with Cav, please.
  • tailwindhometailwindhome Posts: 16,674
    It's a Cavalanche.

    Cav. Ta.
    Believe that a farther shore
    Is reachable from here.
    Believe in miracles
    And cures and healing wells
  • cogidubnuscogidubnus Posts: 860
    I'll pluck one from left field...

    Cav please ;)
  • NervexProfNervexProf Posts: 4,202
    Cavendish please Rozzer
    Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom
  • brucey72brucey72 Posts: 1,086
    Cavendish please
  • MoomaloidMoomaloid Posts: 2,040
  • mallinovmallinov Posts: 140
    cav please
  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,667
    Just to be different

    Cavendish please
  • LutherBLutherB Posts: 544
    I'll break the chain - Ciolek please
  • Sod it the GC is beyond me Cav please
  • DavMartinRDavMartinR Posts: 897
    VENTOSO ALBERDI Francisco José

  • calvjonescalvjones Posts: 3,850

    Strava is not Zen.
  • calvjonescalvjones Posts: 3,850
    calvjones wrote:

    Who is not riding? Must be doing PR.

    Can I have little Kittel instead.

    Strava is not Zen.
  • MrTMrT Posts: 260
    Cav plse
  • Jez monJez mon Posts: 3,809
    Cavendish please
    You live and learn. At any rate, you live
  • RichN95.RichN95. Posts: 25,498
    Mark Simon Cavendish MBE
    Twitter: @RichN95
  • Now is not the time for a daring attack to claw back some points, its the time to sit in sbd bide my time. Mark the moves.

    "In many ways, my story was that of a raging, Christ-like figure who hauled himself off the cross, looked up at the Romans with blood in his eyes and said 'My turn, sock cookers'"

  • smithy21smithy21 Posts: 2,204
    Kittel please
  • nevmannevman Posts: 1,611
    Cav please.
    Whats the solution? Just pedal faster you baby.

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  • patchypatchy Posts: 779
    Cav, surely. Thanks.
    point your handlebars towards the heavens and sweat like you're in hell
  • scwxx77scwxx77 Posts: 1,469
    Winner: PTP Vuelta 2007 :wink:
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