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Front brakes

zfleaszfleas Posts: 22
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Hi all,
My front hydraulic disc brakes since I had a fall seem to have moved, and now I need to pull the lever most of the way down before it starts to grip the disc at all, and even when the lever is fully down it doesn't seem to be a strong. How do I fix this? Cheers


  • warpcowwarpcow Posts: 1,448
    So the lever's been bent? Without being able to see it it just sounds like it needs replacing. If you're lucky you can just get the lever rather than replace a whole master-cylinder. Find a shop that sells your brand of brake and see if they can get you spare parts. Depending on what it is/how damaged the old one is, it might be worth getting a shop to fit it.
  • zfleaszfleas Posts: 22
    No sorry my description wasn't very clear, its as if the brake pads arent coming into contact with the disc until the lever is almost totally down. Almost like the space between the brake pad and the disc has increased. I'm due a service so might take it into the LBS anyway!
    Thanks again
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Either take the wheel out and squeeze the brakes until the pads close up a bit (not too much to let them make contact) then lever them open just enough to get the wheel in, or try just using a rubber band to hold the levers close to the bars and leave overnight.
    Try the latter first.
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