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Hi Guys

Sorry for asking the same question as everyone else but I'm going round in circles. Please could you offer some advice regarding my first road bike? I'm currently riding an old mountain bike in an attempt to improve fitness - nothing more at this point - but I think I'm getting a bit limited with it. Anyway I think what I need most is something comfortable I can ride for a couple hours. I've therefore drawn up a shortlist of the list below. Reading through reviews I think I would prefer a compact double groupset with at least Tiagra. Price range is around £1000.

Cannondale Synapse
Spesh Secteur Elite
Trek Domane 2.3
Giant Defy

There are a few good offers on over the weekend. I could for instance get a Defy Composite 3 for just over a grand. Is this carbon frame worth it over the others or would I, as a beginner, not really see the difference or feel the benefit? Thanks in advance people for any advice offered.


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    I think you know the answer to your own question. The Composite 3. :D
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  • The Defy Composite 3 does seems like a decent bike but will the overall quality of this carbon framed bike be better than the others. I know some will say always buy the best frame so I suppose the Defy would be it. But what about a Alu Defy 1? Then there is the Secteur which may be more versatile with more options for mudguards etc. I suppose I need a bike I can use all year round too.
  • Have you got a wife or girlfriend who could decide for you?
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    Have you got a wife or girlfriend who could decide for you?

    Yeah, get the red one.
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