1st 100

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Well 100k anyway 8)

Almost perfect day up here for the 1st 30 or so miles to Garelochhead, bright, mild by recent standards & not too windy. Nasty wee climb out of garelochhead was followed by an even nastier one up to glen fruin. All worth it though as the cycle through glen fruin was the highlight of the run, beautiful snow capped peaks either side & pretty good road almost to myself.

Enjoyed it for the most part, 1st 50mi were fairly comfortable, but last bit was murder. Didnt help by picking a route that ended in 10 mi of rolling hills. Think it was just my legs, felt ok energy wise but I hope the legs will get better as I do more of these distances. Was hoping to keep the ave speed above 17 but the last stretch put paid to that. Its getting the miles in that matters.

Have to say that at the moment 100mi feels a long way off :?



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    Gizmodo wrote:
    Chapeau, that's a flipping good average speed.

    What he said!

    Great ride
  • Good work fella! Sounds like a top ride. You will bash off a hundred miler soon enough, just don't jump straight off to it. My one and only 100 mile ride was off the back of 70 and poor route planning made it 117.
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    Nice! Glen Fruin looks a bit of a killer :oops: think (know) I would be coughing a lung up on that!
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    Great stuff, mate. Keep up the good work....
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    thats a cracking ride matey..kudos.
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    I can't even get that average speed on a 3 mile ride - well done! :D

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    Cheers guys (and for the strava kudos),

    Must say I'm not in any rush to do the 100 miles, just a vague target cause thats what you do right? Also, thinking of joining a club & the ones near me do that sort of distance at times.

    For the moment going to concentrate on getting more comfortable at 50+ type distances & take it from there. Dont fancy 40 miles feeling like I did for the last 10 today that is for sure, takes away from the enjoyment which is the whole point :-)
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    Just realised, the route on strava looks like an evil hand (because of the long finger nail obviously!) beckoning you (or something)

    Anyway I think it does. Just when I thought the day couldnt get any better!
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    First 62 then. Well done - good effort etc. Do let us know when you achieve some other arbitrary number of miles that converts to a numerically tidy equivalent in a different scale. I gather fathoms are a useful measurement. :wink:
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    CiB wrote:
    First 62 then. Well done - good effort

    Thank you so much! :P