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Upgrades done (chain, sprocket)

ricey155ricey155 Posts: 233
edited March 2013 in Workshop
Treated the bike to some new wheels the last week and having purchased some new SRAM parts

I dived in and fitted them all, after many chats on here I've stuck with original front sprocket (4k in) as it isn't badly worn, the rear wasn't worn either but rather than swopping every time i swop wheels i fitted the new 1070 sprocket to the new wheel (Swissside)

needed to take a few links out the chain (looking for me i had my old motorbike chain tool) counted the chain links about 20 times too make sure i didn't remove more than required (PHEW) 53 links on the Planet X

so the powerlink system - i did find that the chain wasn't seating quiet right (riding above the front spocket) then a quick ride the link snapped fully closed and problem gone, was a little worrying :mrgreen:

the new 1071 sprocket seems to be really nicely made with metal dividers rather than the cheapo plastic with 1051, let hope it makes me 5mph faster LOL :D

cheers for everyones advice over the last few months, very helpful and saved me some cash


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