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Giant Defy 2 2010

edninoednino Posts: 684
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  • declan1declan1 Posts: 2,470
    Looks really good apart from two things:

    The saddle looks like you're going to slide off the back of it - needs levelling.

    The bars are higher than the saddle. That's not allowed (see the rules).

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
  • pride4everpride4ever Posts: 510
    Flip the stem, on topic there is nothing tarty about that bike.
    the deeper the section the deeper the pleasure.
  • Nice bit of pimping, wheels look great but please flip that stem :wink:
  • elderoneelderone Posts: 1,410
    thats a sweet looking bike..nice one.
    Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori
  • VandieselVandiesel Posts: 506
    Lovely colour and looks cool
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  • darkhairedlorddarkhairedlord Posts: 7,174
    Bars too high and seat too low.
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