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1st bike for a 2 yr old?

dempsey1dempsey1 Posts: 320
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Is a balance bike the way to go?


  • Yes. I wish I'd got one for my boy when he was that age. :(
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,609

    Also there is a family and kids section on the BR forum with loads of info. on this.
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  • gabriel959gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    Yes, my daughter used one for two years, then got her an islabikes for her fourth birthday and without any help started pedalling away.
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  • 2Phat4Rapha2Phat4Rapha Posts: 258
    Balance bike is the way to go. I've taught kids on 'em and it amazes me how quickly they pick it up. ... ont-brake/

    Start by getting them to "scoot" with one leg, then two. Then get them to push with both legs at the same time. The bit between the pushes is what you're after as they glide a little bit. Soon they'll be doing longer and longer glides. Strider bikes have little foot rests for when they are gliding. Stay away from the wooden ones, they're [email protected]

    There's even national leagues for them in the USA,, (well, there would be wouldn't there).
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  • ducksonduckson Posts: 961
    Just make sure it has some 50mm carbon tubs on.
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  • dread_i1dread_i1 Posts: 178
    Definantly a balance bike, got one for my daughter when she was two a couple of years ago and she ready for a pedal bike. Hopefully as others have said she will get on with it quite quickly.
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