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kenda kaliente?

dempsey1dempsey1 Posts: 320
edited March 2013 in Road buying advice
look a good light option. anyone with experience of these?


  • very similar to michelin pro 3 tires. Maybe even the same make but different branding.

    If I were to bore you with my personal choice: have a look at vredestein fortezza tricomp (slick) [more puncture resistant, similar to the kaliente pro] the good ol' conti 4000s [undeniable] or if you wanna go race only vittoria open corsa cx II [simply the best]
  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    Worst tyres i have ever used - they came as standard on my Moda Stretto. Poor grip / uncomfortable etc - need i go on?? Switched to Schwalbe Ultremo ZX HD and transformed the bike. Now using Vittoria Corsa CX Evo ^^^ which are even better (but are a softer race tyre - so dont expect big mileage).

    There's loads of good tyres out there to pick from - but the Kenda's arent included in that list.
  • simon tsimon t Posts: 132
    kalientes are not in the same league as the pro3's imho
  • simon t wrote:
    kalientes are not in the same league as the pro3's imho

    maybe I remember the pro 3's wrong. In my memory of them they were supply and grippy at the cost of being very puncture prone. The Kaliente's had very similar issues being soft, rubbery and light but I guess less sensitive in the corners. Maybe because of a more basic (single) compound used?

    anyways, I'd steer away from them since they really maxed out (to the tread!) at around 1000 k. Which is really poor performance IMO.
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