Triban- 650c wheels dilemma?

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I'm about to purchase a triban 5a or 7, however at only 5'6" I reckon I'll need the 51 size & apparently this size is supplied with 650c wheels? From what I can gather tyre choice is limited in this size wheel. The next size up is a 54 frame & I'm thinking this might be too big (of course I will try both though).

Should I avoid 650 wheels? Any advice welcome. :wink:
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  • I'ld firstly check whether what you've been told is true. The BTwin site makes no mention of different size wheels but, too be honest, it doesn't give a lot of information.
    What it does give is details of gearing which appears to be in just one configuration. I would expect different gearing for smaller wheels.

    Give Decathlon a call. You may be worrying unnecessarily. I could be wrong though!!
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    Good tyres can still be had in 650c size. Conti GP4000, Vittoria Rubino Pro, proably a few others. Don't let that put you off.
  • Thanks for the replies & I'll check to make sure. Are there any other downsides to the slightly smaller wheels?
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  • it is true that all bikes size 51 and below are supplied with 650cc wheels, at an inch shorter than me i think youd be fine on the 54 anyway im easily comfortable on it
  • I am 168cm tall and use a 54cm Triban 3 no probs it has 700c wheels, the 51cm has 650c wheels. Just go to your local store they will help you (All there staff have been and are very help full). You will find out bangs for buck this is the best bike / bikes out there bar none!!! I love mine and would recomend, its the best £299 you will spend!!!
  • There are tyre choices available for 650c if you want clinchers; I think the time triallists who still use lo-pros with 650c front wheels have more trouble getting tubs.

    Speaking as a cyclist whose main bike still has 27" wheels on, however, I would suggest you opt for 700c if you can; there may be benefits but I'm not sure they offset the limited availability of equipment.
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    My Girlfriend has a 51 and yes it does have 650c wheels, 54 is where the 700c starts.

    The only problem I have had with hers is that I can't pass down my old wheels/tyres to her bike as I upgrade so I have to buy specific stuff for hers but apart from that it's not an issue. One could make the 'bigger wheels roll faster' argument, but the bike is in proportion and works for her.

    Triban 3 is the best bike for the money so don't let the wheel size put you off.
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    We went to Decathlon the other day and Mrs T is the same height as you and thought the 54 was fine, worth going to have look at.
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
  • Well, been & picked up a new Triban 5A today. :D

    Incredible for the money I have to say!! I tried the 54 first, felt ok & so then tried a 51 to compare. Blimey, he pulled the 51 out & it looked like a kids bike! It was too small to be honest. I bought the 54.

    Had a quick fiddle tonight when we got home, adjusted seat, fitted computer, pump, bottle etc ready for tomorrow. No doubt I will make small changes as I ride it more & get used to a road bike. When I'm on the hoods, the front hub is directly behind stem where it clamps to the bars- that's a good sign is it? :lol:

    FEELS LIKE A FEATHER COMPARED TO MY MTB!!!!! :lol::lol::lol:
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    Nice to see some people I now here - zoltansocrates and chumbucket 8)

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    Nice to see some people I now here - zoltansocrates and chumbucket 8)

    alright whitey :D