Looking for a new full suspension bike under £1700

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Hey all, any help you all can give would be greatly appreciated. We had a trek fuel 6.5 stolen so are looking for a replacement costing under £1700

Ive had a look around and just wanted to ask if anyone had any recommendations on some of the bikes I have seen or any other bikes I should seriously consider.

After a look around I have come across:

Specialized Camber FSR Elite 2012
http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/ ... e-11-42273
at £1200

2012 Cube Stereo Pro
http://mountain-bikes.findthebest.com/l ... Stereo-Pro
at £1350

Canyon Nerve AL 7.0
http://www.canyon.com/_en/mountainbikes ... ab-reiter2
at £1400ish with the delivery.

or possibly the Canyon nerve AL +6.0 http://www.canyon.com/_en/mountainbikes ... tml?b=3039
at £1600ish

I ride mostly cross country with some decent ish downhill sections ( last ride was the marin trail in north wales)

With the specialized it almost feels I will be overpaying for the brand name with obviously a sturdy frame but lesser spec to back it up. I'm going to be having a short test of the Cube stereo pro next weekend and it appears great other then the strangely situated rear shock which they seem to have abolished in the 2013 model. I have read great things about the Canyon bikes and would seriously push through with a purchase if I wast going half's on the bike with the rents who insist you need to try before you buy.

If there are other bikes or good deals I have missed please let me know, I am really open to suggestions.

Thanks very much!