has anyone done this?

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I had a wee accident yesterday, by that i meant i was setting off at the bottom of a slope (not a hill a slope). unfortunately i totally forgot i left my gear in quite a high ratio. So as I was setting off, i gave it a gentle push and was about to clip in SPD. then the dreaded gravity took hold, and i lost balance went face planting.

this has happened to me before, no biggie, slightly dented self-esteem. but the thing that happened was afterwards i got on the bike, there was a clicking noise coming from my bottom bracket/chainset. i rode it to work and then back home, and was convinced that it was the BB that got damaged upon the fall. So i ordered a new ceramic BB last night. Now this morning i wanted to take the chainset apart and inspect the BB. then i suddenly realised that it wasn't the BB that was making the noise, it was in fact my mini pump slipped and was catching on the big ring. the BB was perfectly fine. I felt so stupid!

Anyone else has mistaken something completely benign for something that's quite serious. one of my friend once had a bruised ligament in his ankle after a sporting tackle, and he was convinced it was a fracture. after hours of waiting for X-ray, the doc told him stop being a girl. LOL RULE 5
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    I once replaced a chainset because of a clicking noise that I couldn’t cure, no matter how many times I disassembled, greased and refitted the thing the noise always came back. It turned out to be the seatpost in the end
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    That's a classic one. I had something similar. But I thought it was the headset bearings as the noise was more pronounced when I was in the drop and thus exerting more load on the seat. Luckily I didn't go out get a new headset. I found the saddle to be loose one day after a particularly noisy ride. And since have tightened the saddle as much as I can and no more squeaks
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    I'm having the same issue as the original poster (exact same circumstances to), but I don't have a pump so no idea what the clicking is :)
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    At least you've got a nice ceramic BB now!

    I used to have a REALLY annoying clicking sound, and sometimes went as far as getting off the bike and nearly throwing it down a big hill. It's gone now, so I've no idea what it was...

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
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    I always check my bike before every ride and I always hear this kind of whiny noise, but I tell her "I'm going out for a ride, I'll be back in a few hours and that's that".
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    declan1 wrote:
    At least you've got a nice ceramic BB now!
    I returned it
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    Hehe. I serviced my front hub, then replaced the BB because of an awful creaking noise the bike was making. As one of the posters above, it turned out to be a gammy seatpost.... Doh!
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    There was a slight squeek from my front wheel and I assumed it was the krud mud gaurd so I tried to move it and snapped the front of it off. I since found out I had tightened the clinch bolts on my stem before the top cap.
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    I had a really annoying rattle that I thought was every part of my groupset or the bottom bracket.

    Turned out to be the little nut on the valve of the inner tube needed tightening!
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    i spent ages (we are taling weeks not hours here!) being annoyed by a click and it turned out that it was a clasp on my glove that was rattling against another plastic bit!!
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