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700c and 29er wheels- Are they the same?

loxster71loxster71 Posts: 269
edited March 2013 in MTB buying advice

Hoping one of you knowledgeable peeps on here can tell me if 700c and 29er wheels are the same, The reason I ask is that I have a Boardman Team Hybrid with Ritchey OCR disc wheels on and I was thinking of swapping the wheels for a lighter set.

Most reviews of the Team/Pro say that the bikes are only held back ( in performance terms) by the heavy wheels so this is my first place i'm going to improve it.

Would I be right In thinking a set something like Stanz flow on either superstar or hope hubs would be stronger / lighter than the standard Ritchey wheels, My commute takes me over a few off road tracks (hard pack surface) so I may even run them tubeless with some cross tyres on. ( will a cross tyre fit on a 29er rim?).

Apologies if I come across a bit dumb on this subject lol.

Thanks for all advice. :?
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