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It's my birthday coming up soon and the wife is tapping me up for ideas for what to get me. I've been considering the benefits of a reverb and so was going to suggest that but it's a bit over budget. Just wondering if anyone knew of any deals anywhere? I've done the usual google shopping search and about £200 is the cheapest I can find in stock (I need 31.6). Anyone know of anywhere cheaper? I've seen threads here and there with people saying they've picked them up for nearer £150 but maybe now is the wrong time of year?



  • MonkFunkMonkFunk Posts: 91
    Cheers for the link. That looks promising but no bleed kit or spacer included. Is it worth paying the extra for these?
  • MonkFunkMonkFunk Posts: 91
    Just following up my previous post with an update in case it helps anyone else.

    After a bit more searching around the internet for a cheap reverb, I stumbled across a French site which appeared to be selling certain 2012 reverbs for 185 euro. See the link here for the one I ordered.

    This looked very promising so I did a bit more digging on the company. Found a few posts on Singletrackworld from people who had bought other items from there (wheels etc) and they seemed to get good reviews on trustpilot. In the research I also found a discount code for 5% off (DH5 - now expired unfortunately but probably others out there) which meant it was then available for 176 euro. Delivery of 13 euro gave a final price of 189 euro or just over £160! The equivalent post on is £198 delivered so a really significant saving!

    Decided to take the plunge and ordered it last weekend. It was dispatched on Tuesday after the bank holiday with a tracking number. Arrived in the UK yesterday and was able to pick the tracking up on parcelforce. Delivered today, well packaged and all as expected. Just fitted it and it's working perfectly. Didn't come with a bleed kit but even with cutting the hose to length it didn't need a bleed so really happy.

    Well worth considering if you're looking into getting a reverb. :D
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