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New air forks.

Rippedabs123Rippedabs123 Posts: 69
edited March 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi there,
I have recentely purchased a second hand GT avalance 1.0 and to be honest, the forks are rubbish!
They have a knocking feeling when you try to compress them, they are incredeibly stiff, heavy and after a week or so of hard riding they soften up a bit but then as soon as you put the "lock - out" on even just for a couple of seconds they go REALLY hard.
So I would like to upgrade the forks to a nice pair of Air forks preferabally with remote lockout for under £200 pounds, any ideas or am i being a bit optamistic for the money i have?
road: carrera tdf ltd 2012
xc: gt avalance 1.0 2008

love cycling :)


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