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Finally got the weather synchronised...

rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
edited March 2013 in Commuting chat
.... to my commute!

The route is steeply uphill at first followed by mostly downhill to Leeds city centre. So climb on the way in is approximately 380 feet and descent approximately 760 feet.

Obviously, I normally expect to do the inbound commute more quickly than outbound - generally about 4-5 minutes slower on the way home. But I finally seem to have the weather synchronised to my commute.

Dist Time Speed
27 Mar 2013 10.2 0:37:28 16.33 to Leeds
27 Mar 2013 10.2 0:37:16 16.42 to home
28 Mar 2013 10.2 0:37:34 16.29 to Leeds
28 Mar 2013 10.2 0:37:12 16.45 to home

12 seconds difference on 27th and 22 seconds difference today. Differences between the two inbounds and two homebounds being 6 seconds and 4 seconds respectively! Could do with the wind turning down just a hint to shorten the inbound by about 6 seconds and lengthen homebound by about the same. Long may the Siberian Easterlies last :lol:
Faster than a tent.......
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