BC RideLondon100 club team places

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Just got an email from British Cycling about RideLondon100 team places for BC members who are also members of a BC registered cycling club.
Says team of 4. Not sure how many places there are or how many teams each club can apply to enter.
Says will go to a ballot if oversubscribed.

Might be a lifeline for some people who missed out on the ballot :wink:


  • pease
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    There are still some charity spaces left. Ive just had confirmation of my place riding for the national Autistic Society. Its gojng to be a tough ride but doing it for charity is quite motivating
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    Two days after the LEL so should be a good recovery ride. I'm entering with some club peeps to make it a chatty few hours.
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    Where's the 'yawn' smiley?
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    Carbonator wrote:
    Where's the 'yawn' smiley?

    LOL !!
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  • Amusing they are looking for the club 'best' time. Is it a race or a sportive!
  • jibberjim
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    Amusing they are looking for the club 'best' time. Is it a race or a sportive!

    They clearly believe it's a race...

    The roads are already closed so the cycle racing on the highway act shouldn't come into play but I'd be interested to know if the insurers believe it's a race, especially given the Annual report which talked about the expense of claims against organisers pushing up the price of their insurance cover.
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