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GXP to BB91

edtenedten Posts: 228
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Does anyone know if SRAM's GXP press fit BB fits a frame designed for BB91? I am having to accept a warranty replacement for a powermeter. I am being offered a GXP version along with a GXP press fit BB. They are saying it's compatible but I've found little information on this. If it is compatible are any spacers going to be required?

Thanks to anyone who's in the know.


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    There's various press-fit standards - many the same but called different things by different makers just to confuse you- some are proprietary to particular manufacturers. What model of frame is it?
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • They are correct. You can get a press fit version of the SRAM GXP. It will fit in any frame thats designed for BB91. So if you've already had a Shimano pressfit BB and cranks in there, it'll be fine.

    EDIT: Also if it's a standard road press fit BB shell, then there should't be any spacers needed for the BB shell. However some SRAM/Truvativ cranks use a spacer + wavy washer as standard and will include these with the crank.
  • edtenedten Posts: 228
    Good news! thanks.
  • Out of interest how do you fit and remove a SRAM GXP pressfit BB91 BB

    And yes i know its press fit do you need specific tools or can this be done at home with a rubber mallet for example?
    Or say my DIY headset press thingy

    also anyone know the model of the SRAM equivalent as i can't find one on the web. probably being dumb
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