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Retro Bargain !

mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 830
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So I noticed a bloke selling this in my local paper selling for £30 so I thought I would snap it up. Its a Giant Speeder from around late 80's/ early 90's I think.

Its based around a lugged Cromo 4130 frame. Its not super light but its super tough!

It was the just about the right size (maybe a tiny bit too big but still a good fit). The paintwork is scratched and chipped but I am planning on respraying black so not too worried about that and there is no rust or dents which is the main thing.

The shifting gear is in good shape, Its running Shimano Exage 7spd gear with a 400EX rear indexed mech and Biopace Exage standard double up front. The front shifter is friction not indexed and its all run from Exage downtube shifters. They take a bit of getting used too but they shift really well!

Brakes are also Exage and its just had new shimano pads fitted.

The only things I have had to do to get it running again is put on some wheels, I got a set of brand new 700c generic 36 spoke road wheels on Novatek hubs and a brand new Shimano 7sp cassette, its also had a new chain. I popped on a brand new pair of 700x28c Nutrak tyres. Total cost for these bits was £45

The only things left to do are:

1. Strip and paint black ( I have 2 cans of Panther Black paint left over from another project & primer and clear coat)
2. Swap out the current (harsh) saddle for my Brooks saddle
3. Get the LBS to change all the shifter and brake cables (£20 quoted)

So all in all the whole thing when finished will be around £100 !

I have not had chance to set it up properly so ignore the random seat position etc, I have only taken it on a few shake down runs around the village.


Thoughts ?

Anyone know any history about the Giant Speeder ?



  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 830
    weighs 11 kgs so not too bad, certainly lighter than most hybrids. I will bang on some new Deda tape I have as well. I am thinking about sticking on mudguards and a rear rack to turn it into a luggage censored
  • squibnocketsquibnocket Posts: 207
    Worth that in parts alone if your happy with it its a bargain.
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 830
    Yep for £30 its a steal. My theory is even after spending another £50/60/70 on getting everything sorted I have still spent only £100 or so. If I took £100 to a bike shop I would either get a bike shaped object or told to have a word with myself.

    I bet everyone on this forum would take a old bike with decent kit over a supermarket special any day !

  • bushubushu Posts: 711
    Our local paper dropped classifieds years ago but i've been on the lookout for an old bike for tlc/revival, for a bit now and don't seem to be looking in the right places. Should i resort to wanted posts locally in shops or is that a pointless task? just keep trawling fleaBay now unless i get a better idea

    jealous of your find mr_eddy, good luck with the project :)
  • ahbrownahbrown Posts: 1
    First post so excuse any lack of etiquette!
    I have a 1990 ish Peugeot Ultima (Reynolds 653 frame) with a mix of Shimano 105 & Sora. Not sure of the frame size but I'm 5ft 9in. It has been lurking in the back of the shed for the past 10 years as I can't bring myself to ditch it. Needs new tyres but otherwise it is in good condition. If anyone is interested in making an offer let me know and I'll send some pics.
  • bushubushu Posts: 711
    Thanks just heading up to the local recycling place, they have a shop that hopefully keeps frames & should be in my price bracket for a tlc project
    Postage & packaging would probably make anything on the forums above my budget for a tlc frame
    If i could collect then the frame would be worth a few beer tokens
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 830
    So I have finished giving it a paint job (not perfect but defo better than before) also slapped on some simple Giant Decals, New cloth bar ribbon, new short stem and new sport-tourer saddle (I know decadent elitist !). Total cost including bike was around £120 and it rides beautifully:

  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 27,705
    The rear rim looks about to explode... Is it just an optical illusion or it is severely concave?
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 830
    no its just my poor photo skills, wheels are brand new.
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    looks all-reet...
  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    mr_eddy wrote:
    I got a set of brand new 700c generic 36 spoke road wheels on Novatek hubs and a brand new Shimano 7sp cassette, its also had a new chain. I popped on a brand new pair of 700x28c Nutrak tyres. Total cost for these bits was £45

    How on earth do you get all that lot for £45?
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