Roads Around Blackburn/Burnley OK??

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First off, worth me stating that I am totally risk adverse when it comes to ice but cold weather does not always mean icy roads. Down here in Chelters it is blinking cold but the roads are all clear, bone dry and the majority are well salted too. I went out for a spin last night and it was absolutely fine, not even a hint of ice or moisture on the roads so, as long as I was wrapped up warm, riding was great (and made a lovely change from the turbo).

At the w/e I am due to ride oop north around Blackburn/Burnley and wondered what the roads are like? Forecast is -4 overnight and the ride starts early. Are the roads like those of Gloucestershire or is there still some snow/moisture/ice? Just trying to avoid travellling all that way only to be faced with a damp road which at 8 in the morning has that horrible twinkle in the sunlight that says "possibly ice rink ahead"...

Anyone live up that way and riding at the mo or has every sensible soul retreated to their garages and basements for riding a bike?


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    Do they have roads that far north? I thought they'd only just got electricity :-P

    But seriously, the people I know up that neck of the woods still seem to be putting rides on strava, so it can't be that bad.
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    All I know is that that part of England is very hilly, if its icy I would avoid going out for safety reasons.
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    If your going over towards Rivington then only the main roads are passable. I've seen picks of people who have been back up to get their cars and they are still stuck. I've got a similar problem as we are intending trying Hardknott Pass near Ambleside on Friday....
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    I was planning on doing the Ronde Van Oost around East Lancashire cobbles on Saturday however its been cancelled - as the minor roads are awful - here is the evidence:
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    I was round by Darwen yesterday. B and A roads were fine. Some minor roads were ok - some huge drifts at the side of the roads, but all the roads I'd planned to use were ok. Some roads are still closed though (e.g. Rivington - Belmont)
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