New BTWIN Triban 7A - alternative Pictures

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Alright? I havent a clue how to get pics up on here so please see link below to YT showing some alternative pics for the new Triban 7A

im not taking the pictures to show off the bike to velominati standards, the decathlon webby has some poor pictures and not everyone stays so close to a decathlon to pop in and have a look so here they are for those that cant, stuck my own wheels and seat on so far, the bars are being retaped in about ten minutes, thought id better show cokpit in original format, to match the seat(white). Im no lord lichfied so the pics, taken on a blackberry, arent the greatest but they show some different angles that give a better reflection of some of the shapes of the bike.

Havent been out on it yet as i dont fancy stacking it on some ice, cmon spring where the H are you??? :x so i dont know how it rides over a few miles, did have a test at the store but the carpark isnt really a true reflection. FWIW its a 54, im 5'7 and im comfy on it, any smaller and your bike comes with 650cc wheels so good luck with trying to find a tyre for that.

hope its of some use to those interested.

edit - if anyone can tell me how to post pics direct ill pull the you tube link, the sizes permissable seem a bit wee


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    Thanks for the pics. It looks really good. The welds are a bit aggressive but thats my only grumble.
    Looks soooooo much nicer with your Mavics on ;-)

    Did not know about the 650c wheels on small frames. Is that just the 7A or all their road bikes?
    Would have got my daughter a Triban if I had known that.
  • cheers carbo, was thinking of pulling it as the pics are crap, i can hardly be 4rsed with photobuckets and flkrs etc so id like to know how to include them in my post so you see them on t' thread

    aye the welds are...industrial BUT compared to my 10 year old claud they are better, might be b/c its 6061 which is easier to work with than 7005 i believe?!??
    i included the wheels at the end b/c i dont think they look half bad, the mavics are what they are but the btwin wheels are a bit unknown - ran the rear on the turbo and didnt notice owt - theres only about a 300g saving on weight between the pairs, looking forward to getting it out though, bloody scottish weather!
  • re - wheels sizes
    i think all btwin size 51 and below carry 650cc, i may be wrong but im sure the chap in the store said that to me
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    re - wheels sizes
    i think all btwin size 51 and below carry 650cc, i may be wrong but im sure the chap in the store said that to me

    Sounds unique (but interesting) if they are. Shame you cannot be sure he said it as this might be a good Halfords v Decathlon staff knowledge/BS test :lol:

    I would have thought he would not know about 650c if he was a dumb dumb though.

    650c make sense to me. Going from 24* to 700c is a joke and Decathlon will have shot way up in my opinion of them if this is true :wink:

    I hope to be able to pop in and check them out over Easter :D
  • carbo - its true, found a wee bit of play in my cassette last night while packing her away so just bn to decathlon after work to get it fixed, asked the question and indeed 51 and below run 650cc
    might just add at this point that the boy at decathlon couldnt have been more helpful in sorting out the cassette, fast thinking that these are big chain presence, lbs mentality
    vive la entente cordial!
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    Thats very interesting Zoltan. There seems to be a bit of a gap of 650c bikes.

    One of my local LBS said junior road bikes do not exist, another said I should not bother with them and the third (the best one) has recently stopped stocking them.
    It seems odd to me that our high street has 2 gold pillar box's yet 6 months after our 'generation inspiring' Olympics I could not get my daughter a bike that fits her in any of the 3 bike shops around them.

    Someone else on here asked if he should feel bad about buying his bike in a chain store and not an LBS.
    Well as far as my daughter is concerned, she can say that she had to turn to the net/chain store for her first road bike, so I think its fair for her to have a clear conscience if she chooses to always do that :wink:
  • think that might have been me carbo, i did wrestle with that prblem for a while, given that halfrauds are your only yardstick in terms of chain stores there was clear aprehension - shouldnt have worried
    aye its a shame for the juniors that they seem to be steered down the mtb route early doors, ok as a parent you can see that they 'look' safer than a road bike but ultimately kids and adults alike will fall off every type of bike
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    I've got the 51 triban3, and occasionally reach 5'7"
    It's a good fit for me, and indeed they are 650c
    Am not looking forward to the Spring time, when I upgrade wheels and find none exists
    I am reliably informed "all the triathletes use 650"
    Well they obviously don't need inners, tyres or wheels if you go by what's for sale in any bike shops in London, berkshire or t'interwebthingy